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Time for a Checkup - Organizing Your Wallet and Purse

by Dave Ulacia

They say that the most sensitive part of the human anatomy is the pocketbook. Indeed, the health of your wallet or purse has a large effect on your general well being, especially among the holiday shopping crowds and impatient checkout lines. Keeping your essentials organized through all the ins and outs becomes a daily task, and a blocked artery in your purse can lead to irritation and inflammation.

So how do you keep your most used items circulating while keeping everything in its place? Let's take it case by case.

The Handbag

Finding a good handbag is an interesting exercise. You need enough storage for the things you haul around every day, but you don't want the bag to be large and clunky. Once you've found the right sized bag, there need to be enough pockets to separate the contents of your bag into categories. But pockets can become their own problem if there are so many that you can't easily find which one is which, or if they are too tight to open easily.

If you have a smart organized bag to begin with, that's ideal. But if you're stuck with an "organizationally challenged" bag, don't despair. The first step is to categorize the things that go into your bag: pocket toiletries, wallet, cell phone, keys. If one category has too many items, you can subdivide it (separating lotions from chapstick and other toiletries, for example).

smart liquid tubesTaking some of the bulk out of a purse can be as easy as finding smaller alternatives - a folding travel brush instead of a full-sized brush, for example. You can also downsize large bottles using these Smart Tubes and take only what you need.

Purseket purse pocket organizer insertIf you still find yourself with more stuff than your purse's pockets can handle after taking these steps, consider the Purseket portable purse organizer. With pockets for everything, the Purseket is also extremely helpful if you like to switch between handbags.

Cocoon Grid-it organizerYou can also strap down all the things rolling around the bottom of your bag with the Grid-It organizer and take everything from purse to purse in a single step.

The Wallet

Keeping a wallet organized is easier than keeping a purse organized. Finding a way to carry everything else a purse usually holds is the tricky part. Here are a few considerations:

Watch the number of cards in your card holders - if you have trouble removing your debit card from your wallet, it might be time to get rid of the restaurant loyalty card you haven't used for years. Put the most-used cards in the first slot.

Put your cell phone and your keys in different pockets - it sounds like common sense, but checking on this can help protect your phone's touchscreen from scratches.

Don't sit on your wallet - no matter how thin, sitting on your wallet can put your back out of alignment, and this bad posture can lead to serious discomfort after a day at the office.

Clean it out - every once in a while, go through your wallet and throw out any expired coupons or old receipts.

FranklinCovey walletKeeping your wallets and handbags healthy will keep you happy this holiday season. If only the holiday bills were this easy to manage...


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